"Buddy Up!"
The Inter-school Peacebuilding Approach

Buddy Up!

"Buddy Up!" is a resource, methodology and training programme that has been specially developed for nursery, special and primary schools who are seeking to define, develop, expand and embed inter-school collaboration. 'Everyday Inter-generational Peacebuilding' is at the core of "Buddy Up!" with the engagement of pupils, school staff and family members in intentional relationship and trust building, memory making and fun shared activities and programmes. This resource has been distributed to all nursery and primary schools in Northern Ireland with a call for all schools to "Buddy Up!"

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"A, B, C! It's easy as 1,2,3"

 "Buddy Up!" is a collaborative venture that has been developed by the education charity, Community Relations In Schools (CRIS) in partnership with  two pioneering North Belfast schools - Holy Cross Nursery School and Edenderry Nursery School. Through a process of "plan, do, review" the three organisations designed "Buddy Up!" - the cornerstone of their Community Relations programme. This innovative, schools based approach developed organically as a method of supporting inter-community relationship development in divided communities in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The "Buddy Up!" Methodology (outlined in the resource available to download below), is a simple, tried and tested approach to enabling children, staff and parents (and indeed the whole school) to develop connections and friendships while learning and achieving together.  

And the best bit is that it is as simple as learning your A, B, C's!

At the Outset

It starts with you and me..."Buddy Up!" is a tried and tested methodology that outlines how best to bring staff together to build relationships, share information and skills and plan for the journey ahead.

Buddying in Action

Be part of the "plan, do, review" movement! "Buddy Up!" is shaped closely around each school year. Piloting, evaluating and re-doing the programme on an annual basis is a key component of its success.

Community Involvement

It takes more than a village to raise a child. "Buddy Up!"  includes key activities which support schools to engage parents/ carers and siblings in an intentional ongoing basis. Building shared community through encounter.
 "Buddy Up!" - What it means to those involved..

Since it's development, the "Buddy Up!" Approach has been delivered with thousands of children, parents/ carers and school staff across Northern Ireland. In Ardoyne and Shankill, where the methodology was developed and honed, "Buddy Up!" has become a whole school approach that is built upon year after year. To hear how the approach has touched the lives of children, parents/ carers, school staff and the wider communities of Shankill and Ardoyne, please click on the button below (first 10 minutes of video).
NVTV "Buddy Up!" Documentary

"Buddy Up!" School Staff Training 

CRIS has delivered "Buddy Up!" and other collaborative education training programmes to hundreds of school staff across Northern Ireland. If you are interested in finding out more about the work of CRIS and how we may be able to support your school development, please click on the link below!

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